From Mill...

Blue River Mill & Woodwright Co. LLC is a custom rustic furniture woodworker and portable saw mill in Central and Northern Michigan that specializes in the creation of old style handcrafted wood products.

Blue River is a unique father/son partnership where the convenience of portable milling and the craftsmanship of hand wrought woodworking come together for a sustainable, personalized, cost-effective solution to your individual needs.

We harvest and build locally in Michigan.  Not only does that mean we can respond to your needs quickly and personally, it also keeps the costs of our services and products down.

Blue River Mill & Woodwright Co. brings friendly, prompt service to our customers because we love what we do and take pride in delivering quality services and unique products.

To Furniture and Gifts...

Founded in 2007, each rustic piece built is unique.  Much of the material for the furniture and children’s items come directly from the wood that is left after a mill job.  This allows us to craft items in a sustainable way while also assuring that no two items will ever be the same!  In order to continuously expand our green practices, we also package our leftover sawdust and woodchips into pet bedding and grilling chips!  Our partnerships with Tendercare Mount Pleasant, Central Michigan University's Child Development and Learning Laboratory, and the Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum are great examples of ongoing relationships where our partners continue to return for additional custom built products that reflect the beauty desired within each individual setting. Because of the unique characteristics of each piece, we prefer to communicate directly with our customers as they place their order.  You are welcome to use our idea book page and photos of our previous construction projects as a tool to pick out the kinds of items that you are interested in, but when it comes time to place your order, feel free to contact us by phone at  989-506-4798 or by email at 


We are always on the lookout for merchants who desire to provide their customers with high quality, handmade items that are custom built and crafted in Michigan.  If this describes you, please contact us for an appointment to discuss retail opportunities.

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We travel throughout Michigan to consult on and deliver custom designed early childhood program products.  Visit our demonstration products at Central Michigan University's Child Development and Learning Laboratory at or call 989-774-3760 for a tour!