The Woodwright Catalog and Early Childhood Ideas
Specializing in:
Early Childhood Products (Rustic and Natural)
Children's Museum Displays
Grilling and Smoking Products
Rustic Furniture

All Items Are Handcrafted in Central and Northern Michigan
"Buy Local"

To place an order, please contact Kevin by email or phone at 989-506-4798 to discuss your specific product needs.
On a regular basis, people (and programs) come to us with ideas for what they would like us to build.  These ideas come from pictures, descriptions, and visits to your location.  In all, it is our goal to build a product that you need and desire, and we will listen, look, visit, investigate, and more to help you finalize the vision that you have before construction begins.  For this reason, it is impossible for us to share a "traditional" catalogue with prices.  Instead, we can show you what we have recently developed and the cost of that item as it was ordered.  Our hope, is that this will show you a range of prices, while also giving you the opportunity of proposing new items that we can develop together - based on your own individual or programmatic needs. We are willing to discuss any custom idea that your program has.  It is our experience that 99% of the time, our customers continue on from proposal to order.