Meeting Your Needs with our Mill

Have you had storm damage and need help removing the fallen trees?

Do you have piles of logs left after clearing land for a construction project or home/landscape expansion?

Do you have a large old fallen tree that needs to be removed but you hate to see it go to waste?

Did the utility company clear trees on your land and leave you stuck with the logs that needed transported or milled?  Don't let them rot, put them to good use as lumber!

Large Mill operations won't typically accept homeowner timber because the volume is too small or because of the risk of souvenirs like bullets, wire, nails, or any other surprises a tree with some history might have.  Landscape services can be costly and are not in the position to return your trees in the form of milled, kiln-dried lumber.

Blue River will come out for just about any sized downed trees and can mill them on site.

Blue River mills lumber that would usually end up in a burn pile or chipper.  Firewood and mulch are great, but it can seem like a real waste to use large, hardwood, or loved old trees for this purpose.  This local lumber is the material for beautiful, useful, quality wood products with a story.

Blue River uses a band saw in the milling process.  This blade is thinner than the circular saws of larger wood mills and produces up to 75% less waste.

Less Waste
Our mill is a timberking 1600 four post head fully hydraulic band saw. It’s kerf (blade) thickness is 1/16th of an inch which means it takes 16 cuts before you lose one 1-inch board.  A conventional circular saw mill usually takes ¼ inch per cut, which means for every 4 boards, you lose one 1-inch board.  That amount of waste material adds up quickly.  We are proud to mill more product and produce less waste.

Flexible Cutting Dimensions
We can cut any dimension lumber for you down to 1/16th of an inch. We can handle logs up to 36” inches (dia) and 16'6" long. We have the ability to turn your slab wood into mulch with our 6 inch wood chipper or leave it on site for your disposal.

Portable and Timely
Within ten minutes of arrival, we are up and running. We can take the mill anywhere you can get a truck easily.  If you are not satisfied with our progress, we stop right there, no ifs ands or buts.  Our job is to satisfy our clients. We do ask that all logs try to be centrally located (all in one spot ready to roll onto the mill) to expedite the process.  We also ask that you try to keep the logs as clean as possible; it helps keep the blades sharp (dirt is our enemy).

Cost Effective
We have no hidden fees; check out our price list to get an understanding of our rates and services.

The Mill
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